cut-e Assessment Barometer 2010/11 - findings

In the cut-e Assessment Barometer 2010/11, over 1200 HR and related professionals were asked to comment on the usage of psychometric assessment. Responses from 8 country groupings including Sweden, Spain, Norway, UK / Ireland, Czech Republic, Romania and the DACH Region were evaluated. Check out the key findings, country trends and to order your personal free copy of the report.

The key findings from the over 1200 questionnaires evaluated are as follows:

  • Companies expect more reliable decisions from psychometric assessment
  • Internationally, over 60% of respondents currently use some form of psychometric assessment.
  • Norway has the highest usage of personality questionnaires and ability tests yet the lowest usage of assessment centres.
  • Over 75% respondents use pure online or a mix of online and offline psychometric assessment.
  • 60% of psychometric assessment is used in recruitment processes.
  • Self-sufficiency is clearly a trend when it comes to considering which supplier to work with.
  • Internationally companies want to see diagnostic instruments based on solid science, with a clear business value and that are quick to use. 

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