The latest trends in psychometric assessment - a global survey

Nearly two and a half thousand HR professionals from 17 different countries participated in the cut-e Assessment Barometer, each giving their thoughts and opinions. The new global report has highlighted some interesting findings… order your free copy available now.

Following the success of the 2010/11 Assessment Barometer, cut-e, market leader in innovative online assessment, decided once again to conduct research into the trends and changes in the use of online assessment.

Key findings of the 2012/13 report - global movement
The analysis shows clearly that on a global level, recruiting against competencies is becoming more important than ever and that there is a clear move towards online assessment in all countries.

What influences behaviour
In this report, data was also analysed according to market maturity, not only country differences. The results show that behaviour, opinions and challenges are more similar according to company size than country. And that company size seems to influence behaviour and perceived challenges more than market maturity or country differences.

Key questions
Analysis showed that the mature markets, including Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, UK and Ireland, have a usage level of close to 100%. For these markets, the key question is what to assess rather than whether to assess. Assessment is becoming more specific, focussing on exactly the key success factors for the job whether that is ability, personality or motivation.

New trend?
The data suggests a new trend emerging: There is an increased use of psychometric assessment in development. Are companies ‘growing’ their own talent more?

Data shows need for action
The data shows that HR decision-makers globally do not have a complete overview of the range of sophisticated tools available. The HR profession is not making full use of the excellent tools which can support and improve recruitment and selection decisions and support development plans. This result is a big call to action to all suppliers to inform and educate HR - in some countries more than in others.

A sign that HR is becoming more professional across the globe is a consistent call from companies to see more proof of professionalism when choosing a supplier. This however, is just a snapshot of the findings so if you would like to find out more, you can read the full global report by visiting the cut-e website or clicking below. The findings are fascinating.

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