Manpower succeeds in financial crisis – with cut-e tools

When the financial crisis affected the Swedish labour market, the Swedish Public Employment Service started to collaborate with Manpower. Using cut-e tests and questionnaires to coach people in finding jobs, Manpower was so successful; they achieved a higher success rate than the Employment Service! A fully successful partnership.

Manpower vs. Swedish Public Employment Service?
In a report from the Swedish Public Employment Service (commissioned by parliament) the Employment Service notes that last year the unemployed got better assistance from private job coaches than from the Public Employment Service.

25 percent of those who had been supported by a private coach had a job 14 days after the project start date. Corresponding results for those who had their three-month coaching period with the Public Employment Service was 22 percent, three percent less. One month after completion of coaching, the difference was six percent bigger - 30 percent of the private coaching clients had jobs, compared to 24 percent for the Employment Service.

Manpower, being one of the more important private actors, is using cut-e’s tools in offering employment counsellors and job coaching.

The role of cut-e
cut-e Sweden has tailored a job coaching report for Manpower, with one test repertoire for academics and one for non-academics, (complete with a custom-made learning analysis). Together with the interview methodology (GROW - goal, reality check, options and/or obstacles and wrap-up) and feedback training, cut-e Sweden has now trained over 400 Manpower employees in cut-e’s methods.

Manpower and cut-e are making job seekers ready and available for the labour market. Even at the lowest turn of the business cycle people need to hire, and now the labour market has stabilized. Further more, in the next few years many people will be retiring. Business will need, and we are happy to help with – pun intended – manpower.